glazbalogo Miriam Cutler spoke with's Ozren K. Glaser about women composing in film, among other topics.

 Miriam Cutler: "I never wanted to be part of a 'music factory.'"

Miriam Cutler, an American composer, is one of the biggest names in film music, especially in the world of documentary film. She was nominated three times for the Emmy Award, worked on many successful films such as RBG, The Hunting Ground, Love, Gilda, and together with the composers Laura Karpman and Lolita Ritmanis, in 2014 she founded the Alliance For Women Film Composers, a powerful platform that promotes women in the film music industry.

She is a member of the executive committee of the American Academy (which awards the Oscars), as well as the Television Academy (which awards the Emmys). This September, she came to Split as a member of the jury that decided FrCamille Awards, the award for the best European film composer, and we were hanging out with a very pleasant conversation over caesar salad and tea, when she revealed details from her very rich career to the portal

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