Women film composers hope to bring change, work and recognition in an unequal industry. READ MORE

 cropped cropped wp web banner 5b1tThe Alliance for Women Film Composers founded by Laura Karpman, Miriam Cutler and Lolita Ritmanis is aiming to make women composers more visible. READ MORE

site logo 2x v1"Newtown" a documentary that united 17 composers for its emotional soundtrack, including Miriam Cutler. Hence, considered one of the most ambitious scores. READ MORE

Logo IndieWireOnly three scores, out of 112 eligible for the Oscar, were composed by women. One of them by Miriam Cutler for "The Hunting Ground". READ MORE

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 Miriam Cutler and Lolita Ritmanis to Present Berklee College of Music Scholarship. The BMI sponsored scholarship will go to a film scoring student selected by the department on the basis of their demonstrated musical ability and potential for career success in film scoring.  READ MORE


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Women Who Score Made History for Female Composers: Miriam Cutler together with Laura Karpman, Lolita Ritmanis, and the support of BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross, established The Alliance for Women Film Composers. READ MORE

examiner logo 150Composer Miriam Cutler is the Musical Class Act of the HBO Documentary "Ethel": What do documentaries and great composers have in common? READ MORE

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Things You Didn't Know About Miriam Cutler: Miriam Cutler has been an SCL Board Member for over 10 years. Starting out as a musician and songwriter, going on to be a pivotal member of Danny Elfman's Mystical Nights of The Oingo Boingo... READ MORE

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Miriam Cutler is an emmy nominated film composer with an extensive list of credits and over 20 years of experience in the music industry.  READ Q & A...


 The Great Musical Times of Composer Miriam Cutler of HBO's Documentary ETHEL: It is with great pleasure that I get introduce you (the readers) to another special musical voice. READ MORE...

buzzineA Documentary Composer Hears How Life Shouldn’t Be a Circus for 'One Lucky Elephant': As one of Hollywood’s most prolific female composers, Miriam Cutler has gone from LA avant-garde musician to climbing the ranks of lunatic low-budget movies, all on her way to becoming an in-demand, eclectic voice.  READ MORE...

music from the moviesWomen in Film Music - Or How Hollywood Learned to Hire Female Composers for (at least) Some of Their Movies: If you own a film music collection, count the number of scores written by female composers. Then count the number by men.  READ MORE...