34E4C4F5 A333 43A2 9CF4 B143D19F2461 The film is scored by Miriam Cutler and features late “Designing Women” writer and stand-up comic Emily Levine.

Interweaving a live performance from Levine, whose TED talks have generated millions of views, appearances by scientists, and animated characters including Ayn Rand (voiced by Lily Tomlin), “Emily @ The Edge of Chaos” uses physics, “which explains how the universe works – to explain our metaphysics – the story of our values, our institutions, our interactions,” the film’s synopsis details. “Using her own experience and a custom blend of insight and humor, provocation and inspiration, personal story and social commentary, Emily takes her audience through its own paradigm shift: from the Fear of Change to the Edge of Chaos.”

Levine was admittedly no scientist, but she had this “weird sort of talent” where she could “understand everything about science — everything except the actual science part,” she says in the spot.

“Emily @ The Edge of Chaos” was directed and produced by Wendy Apple (“The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing”), who died soon after she locked the film in 2017.

Levine died in 2019.

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