maxresdefault Miriam Cutler was the latest guest on the celebrated film music show to discuss her career and scores for documentaries such as GABBY GIFFORDS WON'T BACK DOWN.

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"Composer Miriam Cutler's passion and versatility has made her one of the most prominent composers working today, especially in the world of documentaries. It's absolutely wonderful to have Miriam back as a guest on Film.Music.Media.

Miriam tells some fascinating stories of her unconventional path to becoming a composer. Hear about her early days in the 70's as a performer when she joined up with Richard and Danny Elfman and their street theater group The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. This was before Danny Elfman reformed the group into the band we all know as Oingo Boingo.

Miriam shares how she was very much into journalism and being part of the feminist movement, and how her path eventually led to composing. This led to an early career doing sleazy horror pictures, which was enough for her to hone her skills and eventually move her career to focus on documentary scoring.

We also talk about projects like her recent score to Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down and the Oscar-nominated RBG, including what working on a documentary is like and how it's completely different to your typical fictional narrative workflow."

A Film.Music.Media Interview | Produced & Presented by Kaya Savas