635869181880760799 gmndc5 5bg8ese4xit13vkjj8ov original Miriam Cutler will score the documentary SHARI AND LAMB CHOP, directed by Lisa D'Apolito (LOVE, GILDA) for White Horse Productions.

 Emmy-contending documentary studio White Horse Productions is producing a new documentary based on renown puppeteer and enterainer Shari Lewis and her ovine creation, Lamb Chop. Lisa D'Apolito is directing, whom Miriam previously worked with on LOVE, GILDA.

Read more about the project and White Horse Productions' recent Emmy contender over at Deadline: https://deadline.com/2022/08/lucy-and-desi-emmy-nominated-documentary-white-horse-pictures-partners-nigel-sinclair-jeanne-elfant-festa-interview-news-1235092051/