419902542 780x439American Film Showcase (a collaboration between the US Department of State and USC School of Cinema) is a part of Amman International Film Festival in Amman, Jordan.

Miriam Cutler has returned from the American Film Showcase program in Amman, Jordan.

Over the course of 3 days as part of the Amman International Film Festival, AFS is part of US Embassy Programming with lead filmmakers and composers. Miriam participated in a 3-hour workshop at Luminous College with SAE audio students, which included a mix of musicians, audio engineers, and other technical students. Afterwards, she went to The National Center for Culture and Arts (NCCA) to speak at a Masterclass on Storytelling through Music and Cinematography. Those in attendance were all were NCCA-PAS storytelling participants ranging in ages from elementary school to high school.

Miriam got a chance to experience Amman's dynamic city culture and ate an amazing array of food! She looks forward to visiting again sometime!

See some of her picture highlights from the trip below:

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